Wednesday, October 5, 2011

signs of authentic korean wear.

with the advent of korean and japanese literature and dramas in the recent times,the industry which has witnessed increasing emergence of dressing styles of these countries is the fashion sector. korean fashion has become quite a rage all over the world and has left behind all other major fashion style statements of the asian region. korean clothing,korean clothing online has become quite popular among masses thanks to the originality and the sensibility of the korean designers.  but because online korean clothing is spreading like a wild fire there are many who try to take advantage of such a situation to earn a quick buck by selling fake korean merchandise.  though on closer inspection one can easily make out the orifinal from the fake cheap copies.

there are factors that can help you determine whether or not the korean clothing you are buying online is authentic or not. some of them are as follows. if a supposedly non korean models for korean clothing one can be sure that the origin of the garments is either from china or hong kong region. another tell-tale sign is when your clothes either arrive wet or with a pungent smell. this shows the fact that the clothing is from a sweat shop for sure. also when the clothes that have arrived from an online shopping portal boasts of a spelling error on the design or for that matter even in the name tag or the price tag it is a sure shot indication of the fact that the clothes are fake korean copies. it shows that no quality control has been done. another daunting task when buying korean clothing online is to know which site to approach to buy the correct stuff especially when you do not belong to korea. so in such a scenario it is always best to go for a website that is ending with the letters 'cn'.  another factor that a customer should always keep in mind is comparing quality with the price of the garment.

if all the above points are kept in mind before shopping for a korean piece of clothing no person can make a blunder especially while buying stuff online. the online market for korean clothes is growing day by day and so is there fake counterparts who are also increasingly enhancing there presence on the web. it makes all the more important to have the knowledge of the nuances and details which makes the original clothing stand out from the copies.

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