Wednesday, October 5, 2011

choosing the best business suit

 if one is a working person then one very important piece of clothing that should be the part of your wardrobe irrespective of your gender is the business suit. yes business suit becomes of utmost importance if you are working. probably this is one of the only piece of clothing that re defines one's personalty and probably takes it to an al togethjer different level but only when it compliments you. a well tailored business suit is what  completes your professional look. the design and style of business suits may vary from men to women but the basic idea behind a business suit remains the same- to make you look smart, professional and sophisticated. so what are the things that one must keep in mind before buying the best business suit for him/herself?? lets look at various decisions that one needs to make.

the very first thing is to know how many piece the suit should consist of? that is it might be having four to five pieces in case of men and only say three pieces for women. for a man it is ideal to have a well fitted trouser along with a classic business shirt, a good belt, an elegant tie a waist coat and a well tailored jacket. this completes the formal look for men. the colors that usually men go for includes the quintessential blacks the must have blue's,, the khaki, and the shades of grey. well it may not be wrong to say that when it comes to business suits men have a wider choice as compared to their female counterparts! on the hotherhand the formal business suit for a women is slightly different form that of men. women usually go in for a skirt along with a jacket and a blouse. unlike men women have the freedom to play with colors at their work places. another very important thing that completes the formal look is the type of accessories that go in with the business suit. this could be anything  ranging from belts for men to the heels for women and even the choice of a wrist watch. while choosing the accesorries one should be sure that the entire looks remain formal and professional. if the above considerations are kept in mind then one can probably have the best business suit which can enhance the personality to unprecedented levels.. so now you know what to look for in a business suit. just be wise!

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