Wednesday, October 5, 2011

dressing up korean style

well one might have come across various korean artists performing on television and it is also possible that one might have got attracted to the world famous korean style of dressing. it is natural that anyone who sees korean style of dressing cant help but to keep gushing about it all the while as this style is so rich and vibrant and different from any other asian clothing style. korean clothes,korean clothes online has been liked by not only the asian population but people living in the far flung western countries of europe and america as well. much because this style of clothing is still very much attached to its rich culture and heritage. lets look at some basic and easy ways of dresing up korean style.

though the basic materials needed here are much the same as compared to say its chinese or the japanese counter parts but the main difference lies in the layering of clothes. also what sets them apart is the mixing of different colors which adds an alltogether different touch to the fabric. lets start by choosing the most comfortable pair of bottoms for one self. here the most important thing to keep in mind is not to sacrifice even a little bit of comfort for getting an extra notch of style. jeans, trousers, shorts anything can be easily worn in any color. then comes choosing the right upper wear. the golden tip here is that is the bottom is tight then one must opt for a loose top and the same opposite theme goes for the color combination as well. the comes the choice of foot wears. foot wears are a very important part of the korean wear. slippers, boots, high heels, etc anything can be paired up with every thing,

however the most important thing that can complete one's korean style look is the use of accessories. koreans love to play with there accessories, long neck pieces to dangling ear pieces to junk jewellery. to big chunky bangles anything can be teamed up with a great pair of clothing. but remember one must not go over the top with the bling factor and remember to keep it fun and not tacky.. these basics of korean style can help you get one cool k-pop look. so the next time you set out to try something different  for a k-pop fun and chic look and let the whole world see the korean beauty in you!

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